Venture Solar

Venture are leaders in the supply and manufacture of ground mount, single post, twin post and concrete ballast systems for the solar industry.

As experienced suppliers to solar farm installation companies, our customised mounting systems enable panels to be installed in virtually any location, from solid ground to marshy unstable surfaces where our concrete ballast bases can be sunk into the ground ensuring the panels stay solid.

Solar farms (sometimes known as solar parks or solar fields) are the large-scale application of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to generate green, clean electricity at scale, usually to feed into the grid.

Solar farms can cover anything between 1 acre and 100 acres, and are usually developed in rural areas.

Solar farms go through a rigorous planning procedure before they are approved. This takes into account the suitability of the specific site, any potential impact on the area and relevant renewable energy targets.

The UK needs solar power to meet its 15% renewable energy target by 2020, part of the EU’s renewable energy target. Solar also creates investment and local green jobs, whilst reducing the reliance on overseas fossil fuel imports.

Solar farms are eligible for financial incentives under the Feed-in Tariff (FiTs) scheme, the  Renewables Obligation (RO) scheme (both below 5MW) and the Contracts for Difference (CfDs) for solar farms above 5MW.

Choose Venture Steel Group as your partner for Solar mount solutions. We are the number one supplier in the U.K. and offer a bespoke, fast and reliable service with all our solutions fabricated in house!

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